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It is worth noting, however, that a significant proportion of international visitors to EU countries are from other member states.London, the capital of the United Kingdom is also the world's most visited city (16.9 million visitors in 2012) and the highest in tourism receipts, shortly followed by Paris with 16 million visitors.

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In 2015, public debt in the European Union was 85% of GDP, with disparities between the lowest rate, Estonia with 9.7%, and the highest, Greece with 176%.

The seven largest trading partners of the European Union are the United States, China, Switzerland, Russia, Japan, Turkey and Norway.

Denmark and the United Kingdom, not members of the eurozone, have special opt-outs concerning the later joining of the euro.

Also, Sweden can effectively opt out by choosing when or whether to join the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which is the preliminary step towards joining.

The European Union has uranium, coal, oil, and natural gas reserves.

There are six oil producers in the European Union, primarily in North Sea oilfields.All these states started reforms and got bailout packages (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus).As of 2015, all countries but Greece have recovered from their debt crisis.The United Kingdom is by far the largest producer; Denmark, Germany, Italy, Romania and the Netherlands all produce oil.If it is treated as a single unit, which is not conventional in the oil markets, the European Union is the 19th largest producer of oil in the world, producing 1,241,370 (2013) barrels a day.The European Union is a major tourist destination, attracting visitors from outside of the Union and citizens travelling inside it.

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