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Related: Yes, You Can Use One Drive for Time Machine and File Storage For this very reason, some Mac users prefer to use Time Machine for their regular backups, but make bootable full backups of their Macs frequently on another external drive using a backup utility like Carbon Copy Cloner or Super Duper! Setting up Time Machine With a properly-formatted and empty external drive, setting up Time Machine is simple — just connect it to your Mac.If this is the first time you’ve specified a backup device, Time Machine asks if you want to use that drive to back up the Mac with Time Machine: To use the drive as your backup disk, just click the “Use as Backup Disk” button and Time Machine begins the initial backup. One thing you may want to do is encrypt your backup disk, so that it’s impossible for others to look at your backup files without knowing a password that you’ve set.

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The process of setting up Time Machine to work with an Air Port Time Capsule or other Network Attached Storage is different.

The Air Port Time Capsule needs to be set up properly and working prior to using it for Time Machine backups.

This is also easy to set up; check the “Encrypt Backup Disk” box as seen in the image above, then provide a password when prompted.

The external disk you have purchased from OWC may or may not be formatted in the format that Time Machine needs.

Be sure to leave your Mac on so that Time Machine is able to capture all of the information.

Once the first backup is complete, you’ll see a notification similar to the one shown here: When using an Air Port Time Capsule, it’s sometimes much faster running the initial backup if you run an Ethernet cable between an Ethernet port on your Mac and an open Ethernet port on the Air Port Time Capsule.

Using Time Machine with an Apple Air Port Time Capsule Apple’s Air Port Time Capsule is an interesting hybrid device, part backup external drive and part Wi-Fi router.

The wireless capabilities are really useful with the Mac Book line, as the laptops don’t need to be physically connected to a drive to stay backed up.

It also keeps weekly backups for as long as the external drive that you’re using for Time Machine has available space.

Once the backup drive is full, the oldest backups are deleted from Time Machine.

We show you how to use Time Machine and answer “how long does Time machine take” on your Mac: Selecting a backup destination To start setting up Time Machine, you need to have a backup destination — the device on which your files will be backed up.

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