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You mentioned at around 9 you started acting yourself? And my parents are athletes, so they really didn’t know anything about that world, but they were of the opinion that they wanted me to be doing something. And I loved it, and I specifically expressed that to them, that I loved it.

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We spoke to Yelchin about working with Joe Dante, classic horror movies, and his literary heroes. I like everything from Val Lewton and German expressionistic horror to ‘80s horror, but I don’t know too much about contemporary films in the genre. The director, the cast, and the character I play are the most important aspects to me when deciding on a role. It’s the same reason I wanted to work with Jim Jarmusch [Yelchin appeared in Jarmusch’s series before the film, but I’ve become a big fan of the original show. It’s smart and funny and both intentionally and unintentionally campy.

The thrill for me in making this film was coming to work every day on a Joe Dante movie. When we did the first film there were a lot of nerves. But at the same time I remember being confident in what were doing.

Sometimes you’re doing a scene and a grip will be talking here or there, but the only time I’ve ever experienced just complete silence where you could hear a pin drop was when Anthony Hopkins was doing this one scene, and everyone, everyone was mesmerized. So, that was really the first time that things kind of opened up for me. But then, specifically with I was like, “All right, this job is about creating characters and exploring characters and figuring them out.” I think more consciously than I had realized before.

That’s sort of been the guiding factor in everything with me since then.

If you’re going to do this, if you’re going to go every week and study the lines they give you, then it’s something that I’ll take you to every week.” And she took me, and then the acting coach suggested I go on auditions.

And she wasn’t quite sure, but she knew that I loved it so much, so she took me to those and it kind of went from there.26-year-old Anton Yelchin has already had a pretty impressive career despite his young age. A.-raised actor got his start in the movie business at age nine and has since starred in features such as ‘s Ashley Greene) dies in a freak traffic accident.But things get complicated when the ex returns from the grave. I like the Golden Era of Hollywood horror films, like the Universal movies of the ‘30s and ‘40s.When you take something like that on, you can’t ignore history. If you could play any character in the history of fiction, who would it be?There are certainly characters that I would love to play, but I don’t think about it in those terms.I’m just so grateful to her because she really supported me.

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