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Presently, Marlboro cigarette is now taking an aggressive shape in most of the market share.

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The ten iconic blue packs included in the carton come adorned with Gauloises' famous winged-helmet symbol.

Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes have a warm, aromatic smoke that is smooth and pleasant.

But presently, the logo of Gitanes cigarettes was now used for the album shades by J.

J Cale and this has replaced gypsy woman with a guitar player.

COM It has been observed that Gitanes cigarettes are one of the most popular and the leading brand of French cigarettes.

This product is presently owned by Altadis of Spain.

Gauloises Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes have been the favorite choice of artists and writers alike for decades.

These iconic cigarettes earned that notoriety with their strong, earthy taste and heady aroma.

Later the "blonde" style of Gitanes appeared, but both versions have strong flavor and have a distinctive aroma.


And these cigarettes don't leave the harsh aftertaste that is common in most other non-filtered cigarette brands.

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