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Where engineering and operational accommodations can be made, the Coast Guard may consider extending the compliance date based on an installation plan.

Where installation of an approved system is not reasonable, the Coast Guard would like to see a detailed analysis of how the owner/operator intends to match the vessel with an approved BWMS at a future date before considering any extension request.

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• Any extension request will be bolstered if the vessel owner/operator demonstrates an understanding of how to match the operating profile of their vessel to the operating profile of a Coast Guard type approved BWMS.

While the Coast Guard understands that no single system is appropriate for every vessel, it is incumbent upon vessel owners/operators to employ engineering and operational solutions in order to install approved systems.

The dynamic nature of this challenge, including the number and type of approved systems, the capacity of manufacturers and shipyards, the demands of the global fleet and the impending implementation of the International Convention, demand constant review and update of our procedures even while we continue to honor previously established compliance dates.

Stakeholders should be aware of the following principles that guide our development of the extension request procedures: • Previously established compliance dates will be honored.

Retirement BASIC PLANS 20-YEAR RETIREMENT Application. Retired-pay applications for reserve component members generally are sent out at age 58, except for Air National Guard and Coast Guard members, who receive applications six months before age 60.

Retired reservists and Guard members must apply for retired pay, just as their active-duty counterparts do. Those who apply later will get pay retroactive to the day they were eligible — if they state that date as the date retired pay is to begin — until age 66.

Selected members of the United States Marine Corps or Coast Guard, who are otherwise qualified, may be eligible for opportunities in the Army.

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