Collection not updating sccm

Verbose logging shows additional information about the interaction with the client user interface.From above log snippet ,you see that,the total actionable updates = 0 means ,client do not require any additional updates that you targeted to this PC. Refresh Server Compliance State() New-Event Log -Log Name Application -Source Sync State Script -Error Action Silently Continue Write-Event Log -Log Name Application -Source Sync State Script -Event Id 555 -Entry Type Information -Message "Sync State ran successfully"also tell you that,what assignments (Update deployments) made with count of updates in each deployment.

For some reason,if the client says non-compliant from your sccm reports,try to refresh compliance state using $SCCMUpdates Store = New-Object -Com Object Microsoft. From above log, Assignment has total CI = 6 ,means ,the assignment has total 6 patches particular assignment group and patch count .

If the count of patches are less than what it supposed to be,then you may have to refresh the machine policy ,initiate software update scan and wait for a while before client start downloading the policies.

If there is an existing GPO that was intended to manage standalone WSUS prior to implementing Configuration Manager in your environment, the GPO could override the local GPO created by Configuration Manager, which can cause issues when the software update client tries to communicate with the software update point server.

Windows Update agent(WUA): is responsible for scheduling and initializing scan, detection, download, and install of updates on the client machine.

They had thought there was something inherently wrong with the environment and were out of ideas.

To determine what was happening I looked at the usual suspects: • Enable the SMSSLP= Setting for the Configuration Manager Client installation package • Checked that the Updates Package Advertisement was to the correct collection • Ensured that the Package Settings enabled the "use protected Distribution Points" • Checked the MP download settings • Checked the IP Site Boundaries were correct • Checked SCCM for obsolete clients • Included the KB2509007 client update ( To no avail.When you enable software update agent setting in client agent settings,a policy will be created with this setting and stored in SQL Database.So when client initiate machine policy,it communicate with management point which includes the software update client feature installation instructions to be installed or applied on the client.Updates will also tell you ,if enough maintenance window (Service Window Manager.log) time available to install the updates.Read the following blogs to know the maintenance window calculation for software update installation.In this process, Client will create local GPO with WSUS Settings by leaving automatic updates .

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