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If a child is misbehaving—if he keeps swearing, or playing with matches—and then you spank that child, the behavior stops immediately.The effect is so apparently obvious that it can drive a sort of delusion.

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Ma has previously linked spanking to later antisocial behavior, anxiety, and depression.

Then last week That one struck a chord in light of the national conversation about sexual harassment.

Lived experience tends to be more powerful than facts.

One of the few memories that many people retain from early childhood is times they were spanked.

Still it’s also clear that a person’s understanding of the role of violence in conflict resolution goes way, way back.“We struggle in this field trying to identify predictors of violence,” said the University of Texas researcher Jeff Temple, who focuses on interpersonal relationships and dating violence among teenagers.

“We know that child abuse is related to later dating violence, as is witnessing violence between parents or in the community,” he told me.

Psychologist Alan Kazdin, the director of the Yale Parenting Center and former president of the American Psychological Association, has admonished that spanking is “a horrible thing that does not work.” It predicts later academic and health problems: Adults who were spanked as children “regularly die at a younger age of cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.”If the fear of robbing one’s child of years of life were not enough, this month two more studies added to the pile finding that childhood spanking has negative effects on the people we later become.

In the extremely depressing journal , researcher Julie Ma and colleagues found that spanking was associated with later aggressive behavior.

Some 81 percent of Americans believe spanking is appropriate, even though decades of research have shown it to be both ineffective and harmful.

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