Daughter dating married man

Jensen has been charged with child abuse homicide and child abuse and is in Salt Lake County jail on a 0,000 bond.

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On Sunday, a day before his arrest, they celebrated the baby's blessing.

Stephanie proudly told friends on social media that she wore a dress which had been made for Sophia for the occasion.

On Monday, a day after their new daughter's christening, prosecutors filed charges against Jensen in light of a final autopsy report into Sophia's death which was completed in January.

It found Sophia had been murdered, that she had broken legs when she died and 'very severe' facial and head injuries.

Her mother decided not to take her to hospital but promised to take her to a doctor, charging documents that were obtained by The Salt Lake Tribune reveal.

Two days later on January 4, Stephanie left her daughter in her boyfriend's care to go to work again but 'had a feeling she should come home early' so did.They said she had suffered 'very severe injury to her brain'.Sophia was born with cerebral palsy as a result of being born prematurely.He is a computer geek and it has been said that he loves golfing.He also loves hanging out with his kids and is a family guy who does a thing with his family together. Evelyn is also a weather reporter and is the morning drive weather reporter for the CBS 2 which is situated in Los Angeles.In the early hours of the morning, police were called to the home by her worried mother who said she was having a seizure.

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