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So if one of you seems to be feeling just the opposite on a consistent basis, then it’s probably not time to bet the farm on the future of the relationship.3) Jealousy is Already Rearing its Ugly Head On the opposite end of the spectrum is someone who insists on keeping tabs on you every second of the day.

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The excited, passionate, “in love” period of a relationship is when there is most often a certain amount of bliss.

It’s impossible to sustain these idyllic feelings long term, but most relationships that are headed for real success begin with a “honeymoon” period in which each person is willing to forego many of his or her own preferences for the sake of the other’s.

He denied having the affair, but I found all of their emails, texts and so on. He says that he has nothing more to do with her, but he sold her some Super Bowl squares and I threw a big fit and sent her an email telling her to stay away from my husband and I was not telling her again.

She supposedly went to management, and supposedly they wrote him up and made him sign a letter saying that if I went to his work, called anyone, or emailed anyone at his work, he would be reprimanded.

You keep asking yourself, “It’s a little early in the relationship to be worrying, isn’t it?

” After all, you have met this new person and, in many ways, things are going great between you.

So examine whether you two are increasingly revealing to each other your inner thoughts and feelings. If not, then it’s going to be tough to set up a deep and meaningful connection that lasts.

7) Your Instincts are Telling you to be Wary If some part of you is insistently crying out that something is not right in your new relationship, then it is extremely important that you listen to that voice.

If that’s the case, then that is a real cause for concern when it comes to the health and future of your relationship.

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