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The punishment was terrible: Man's body revolted against his soul.

Today, this reversal of the hierarchy of values goes so far that Peter Singer denies man's superiority over animals, and that baby whales are saved while human babies are murdered.

For supernature is based on nature, and unless we go back to a natural soundness, the sublimity of the supernatural message will be lost to most of us. Because their influence on men is enormous when they truly understand their role and mission. Francis de Sales' mother -- who was only 15 years older than he -- and St.

Again and again I hear priests say that they owe their vocation to their grandmother or mother. Monica, in collaboration with God, brought back her wayward son to God. John Bosco's mother were key factors in their spiritual way to holiness. Von Hildebrand: Women have the key because they are the guardians of purity.

The whole is topsy-turvy: Marriages break down; many do not even consider getting married; partnership lasts only as long as it satisfies one.

Unnatural relationships so severely condemned by Plato are fashionable and claim their rights to be put on the same level as those that God has ordered.

Many have abandoned the treasures given to us by revelation -- the supernatural.

Original sin was essentially an attack on the hierarchy of values: Man wanted to become like God, without God.

How may wives are transformed by their husband's strength and courage.

The tragedy of the world in which we live is that we have become apostates.

Feminism began in Protestant countries, for the plain reason that they had turned their backs on Christ's mother, as if the Savior of the world would feel deprived of the honor given to his beloved Mother.

Mary -- so gloriously referred to in the Apocalypse -- is the model of women.

Some of them even convinced themselves that they had to use coarse language in order to show the "strong" sex that they were not the fragile, delicate, insignificant dolls that men believed them to be. Those who fell into the traps of feminism wanted to become like men in all things and sold their birthright for a mess of pottage.

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