Irish grannies hook ups

“Documentation is the cure for a lot of genealogical ills…attribute the story.

At least you have the source listed,” Deb explained. Records can create the same whisper down the lane effect. This can make a difference even in the format you choose to use to preserve the history.

” in a completely unrelated conversation with the Philadelphia Ceili Group’s Anne Mc Niff; as soon as I heard it, I claimed it in the name of Irish Philadelphia.

It’s a place I’ve been meaning to venture into for a very long time, but it was a talk by my friend and genealogist Deborah Large Fox that finally got me in the building. ” and focused on collecting and preserving family stories.

Although the lecture was for a general audience, the subject could have been created for Irish family research.

An Irish granny suffered a bit of a blunder after she accidentally decorated her Christmas tree with baubles filled with purple G-string knickers.

The 74-year-old from Cork picked up some Christmas decorations from Dunnes Stores two years but only decided to put them on her tree this year.

And, as Deb Fox pointed out, “Every family story has a nugget of truth.” My great-great grandfather did indeed file for pensions from both the North and the South, but the truth was a little more complicated, and less glorified, than the story.

I found Samuel’s Virginia pension file online at the Library of Virginia’s Civil War Guide.Included in the file was a letter written by his daughter Eugenia stating that “he was with Co. 4th Pa Cavalry But a short time before he was wounded he is not able to get about now with 9 nine children all too small to help them self & a sick wife I would be so glad if you would use your influence in the pension office he deserted the Rebel Army & joind the U. Army & the people here won’t have a thing to do with him.” Apparently, Samuel went off to join the 4th Pa Cavalry of his own volition, and was branded a deserter when he returned to Virginia after the war.Many times, the story is a prettier version of the truth, which is the tricky part about genealogy.Every family has skeletons, and when you start digging around in the family bones, you never know what’s going to fall out.When preserving the family record, both the stories and the records have a place.And now that I’ve finally made it inside, I’m planning many more return visits to finally get to the bottom of my own Philadelphia ancestors’ mysteries.

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