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The tale of the Armenian girl Serpouhi is in its simplicity and terror so grasping that it shows the vastness of the atrocities that took place.My diligent research after broad sources led me to read horrors I had not thought possible.A fundamental problem here is that genocide is permissible according to Islam.

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Genocide followed genocide, in particular at the conquest of Buddhist and Hinduistic areas, where millions were ruthlessly murdered.

This booklet will restrain itself to the genocides that took place within the area of the Turkish caliphate in recent times, in particular the years 1875 through 1955.

Though being a religion, it is at the same time an extensive body of law and a system for society.

With the institution of the Islamic caliphate and in the wake of the Islamic conquests, one people after another was destroyed.

Here in particular the genocide of the Armenians stand out, also because of the inaction of the European countries.

But also the genocides against the Macedonians, Bulgarians and Greeks will be covered.

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It should no longer be permitted to let Turkey get away for free from their genocide on the Armenians.

Turkey must be forced to publicly condemn the genocide on the Armenians in 1915, abroad as well as at home.

Only in a smaller enclave in Caucasus did the Armenians survive, as well as in various pockets in the Middle East outside the reach of Turkey.

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