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My mom got us lunch from Chick-Fil-A, then around 2, I had a feeling that my contractions were slowing down a little bit.

I decided to take another bath, and luckily, that really helped things move along!

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I needed Evan to be right by me during every contraction, so as he was getting the bags packed for the hospital I would call out to him when I felt a contraction starting and he would breathe with me and rub my back and legs.

He was seriously so amazing, and having him by me was one of the biggest helps for me.

Just turn on any TV show or movie that portrays birth, and you’ll almost certainly see the stereotypical screaming out in pain, begging for drugs for relief.

When you decide to try for an unmedicated birth, learning about the normal physiological process of pregnancy and birth, as well as the fact that it doesn’t need to be as painful and dramatic as the shows make it out to be, are very important.

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If you purchase something using the provided links, I may receive monetary compensation.I was luckily able to sleep some more, and then once I couldn’t sleep through the contractions, which was around 8, I decided to take a bath.Taking a bath is a great thing to do when you are having early labor contractions, because if things are really ready to go, your body will relax and help labor along, and if you’re not quite ready it will allow your contractions to slow down so you don’t have to spend as much time in early or prodromal labor.This is the story of how my sweet daughter Juniper came into the world!I had an amazing unmedicated hospital birth, and my experience was everything I hoped it would be.Living sculpture, hedge carving, or shrub shaping—call it what you like, topiary has been around as long as cutting implements and gardens.

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