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Wren Academy - Hash & Tag Hash and Tag, take us on a journey through the cyber jungle where Tag tries to teach Hash how to Shine Online.

This can result in children engaging in behaviour that they would not otherwise do in ‘real life’.

Your child’s developmental stage – dependent on their age, your child will need different levels of support.

Rules: The chat is open to all guests from around the planet.

From time to time the chat box may be disabled except for pre-arranged chat sessions.

Trickery can be used in the form of games that often start off ‘innocent’ and then build up to trick a child into taking their clothes off.

Live streaming platforms also often allow users to ‘gift’ emoji’s such as love hearts and coins and this can enable adults to manipulate young people into doing things through flattery and the promise of gifts.

Young children do not have reasoning skills to keep themselves safe independently, especially when overpowered by the intelligence and manipulation of offenders.

A known risk factor is when children use live streaming platforms in their bedroom or bathrooms unsupervised.

For more information on why live streaming is so popular with children read What is live streaming?

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