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He is in a love triangle with Sang-Hyo and Eun-Joo (Lee Young-Eun). Im amazed those dramas aren't bad in writing and repeated stories. It was sidetracked to focus on Sang-hyo's love life, which during the pilot didn't seem that much important.Eun-Joo works as public relations manager for the hotel. It's funny how this drama has 94% and yet a lot of people (including me) is disappointed about it. Watchers please try to differentiate between good dramas and bad dramas. Amazing how this show got a total 94 rating when it is downright the silliest drama I watched. I mean, sure, she has a leading man and eventually there had to be some way for them to end up together, but to take up 100% of air time for the love story?Chloe is given the responsibility of protecting both the Mai and Human races.

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Németh Judit (Boszorkány); Kozlova Polina (Juliska); Minar-Bacsó Benjámin (Jancsi) Rálik Szilvia (Brünnhilde); Pasztircsák Polina (Gutrune) László Boldizsár (Raoul) Molnár Levente (Kékszakállú); Mester Viktória (Judit) Palerdi András (Musztafa); Sáfár Orsolya (Elvira) Szemere Zita (Oscar); Wiedemann Bernadett (Ulrica) Boncsér Gergely (Barinkay); Rácz Rita (Arzéna) Leblanc Gergely (A fából faragott királyfi) Oláh Zoltán (Danilo); Hangya Rita (Hanna) Tanykpayeva Aliya (Zaréma); Melnik Tatiana (Mária) Starostina Kristina (Lise); Kekalo Iurii (Colas) Döbörhegyi Diána; Bodnár S.

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Chloe is Mai - a race of beings with cat-like powers: speed, agility, and claws.

Being a high school student was complicated enough, but being Mai has added a new set of problems.This show is great i do not want to miss an episode ever but it's hard to go from week to week waiting to see what happens !Plus their are characters that have been on other shows and movies I have seen .And a simple kiss has deadly consequences; so much for falling in love.A full script named "The Nine Lives of Chloe King: Salvation" was written and released online, but never filmed by Alloy Entertainment. She meets her ex-husband Hae-Young (Jin Lee-Han) as a client at the hotel. I think it's going to be amazing drama and I realize that I do love the script because of Kim Ji Han. I don't want to point fingers, but maybe it was the change in screenwriter that made the drama go downhill.

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