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She finds a couple of barrels of old dishes in the attic that raise enough money to let her stay in England a bit longer.She ends up staying intending to turn the house into a hotel or B&B and with the housekeeper's grandson who was a famous ballet dancer.The house and estate are very rundown, paintings and furnishings have been sold off, staff let go and so on.

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She quickly tires of bread and jam and longs for variety in her diet. That book is about Francis being a picky eater, so her mother gives in and just gives her bread and jam for every meal.

The stumper requester is looking for a different book! In that book, Frances only wants bread and jam to eat because it is so wonderful, and so she begins to have it served to her at every meal. In that book, Frances only wants to eat bread and jam for every meal until her parents gently convince her to eat other things. After a few days of this, she realizes "What I am, is tired of jam". In that book, Frances refuses to eat anything but bread and jam, and her parents indulge her ... No baby brother (Frances has a baby SISTER, Gloria), no pillow fight, no feathers. Possibly Wait for What Will Come by Barbara Michaels.

His detailed campaign finance report, including donors and expenses, will be posted on the Texas Ethics Commission website.

The time period for raising money this year was short for lawmakers and statewide officeholders.

On p.197 "she attacked the attic with magnificent energy ...

remembering the vogue for secondhand clothes, Carla saw silver, if not gold, in the trunks of old-fashioned garments." On p.202 she gets into an attic room that's been boarded up "filled with objects, every inch of it ..." and opens a barrel that contains "a cup of heavy earthenware, with designs in blue on a white background ...I read this as a child in the 60s, and I could have sworn it was a Francis book (Hoban). I would be so thrilled to find this book to prove I'm not hallucinating and it really exists (or exhisted)! Thanks for your effort, but unfortunately that is not the book I am looking for. The mother comes home to find them both asleep in the crib, amid the mess.another cup and a small plate with similar patterns." (p.205) This turns out to be Delftware."The antique dealers arrived bright and early the following morning, and for several days she sweated and strained in the dusty attic, making money hand over fist - or so it seemed to her." (p.220). Sonnichsen Special Collections Department is located on the sixth floor. Marshall Military History Collection, the Southwest and Border Studies Collection, as well as collections of art and rare books.

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