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Carlos wins the fight which will take him to a title bout, but after beating up a neighborhood lowlife who’s slapped Victoria around, he is shot leaving his girlfriend’s house and winds up in the hospital.Naturally, the dire warning is that he "will never box again." Into the breach steps Alex, who leaves med school to train as a boxer himself. Roberto’s older brother Ruben (Daniel Zacapa) has been left incapable of speech by his fighting career; he lurks in the corners of the scenes, throwing shaky punches at the air and wincing at nothing.It seems that none of the episodes have chaptering. I wanted to write one so all other cultures would know this is a great show regardless of what race you are. Maybe if they advertised the show differently, other races would have given it a chance. I wanted to see the sons and the father get together again and win the world title.

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--Tom Keogh See all Editorial Reviews Never had an interest in watching the series - boxing and Latino stereotypes are not things I relate to. I loved the premise of the show and two characters in particular.

However, I was convinced by a friend to give it a try since as a Latina, we should be supporting programs by Latinos, that employ Latinos and that paint Latinos in a positive light. Elizabeth Peña as Bibi is someone you root for, and fall in love with, from the first breakfast scene.

Certainly the strongest element of Resurrection Blvd.

is the cast, which clearly thrives on 20 hours of breathing room and really shines in the season finale's 12-round showdown.

Aunt Bibi (Elizabeth Pena), lively and strong, finds her hopes crashing when she can't buy the building housing her beauty shop.

Watching all this and understanding more than he lets on is Uncle Ruben (Daniel Zacapa), an ex-fighter made mute by brain damage.

I speak English (y un pequeño espanol) but I would definately benefit from subtitles so that I can pick up the dialogue that goes by too quickly for me.

I've got no complaints with the quality of the video transfer or the sound both are crisp and well done. Since I have the blockbuster movie ticket, I can rent as many movies as I like.

If you end up getting interrupted (as I always seem to do) you then have to start looking from the beginning of the episode for where you left off. This series is mostly in English but includes a lot of Spanish dialogue. As I am from New Zealand it had not been shown here, and even though I am not into boxing personally, I liked that it was based on a different American culture so I brought it. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though there were no chaptering (so I knew I had to watch the whole 60mins before I could stop it) and that there was a bits of spanish in parts that indeed needed subtitles to help me follow the script.

Subtitles here in one or the other or both of those languages would be great. I didnt believe I would like a film made up of all latinos. Apart from that, it was fast moving and very dramatic. I was so looking forward to seeing what happened next.

Latinos and Latinas, support your Latino actors, writer, producers and directors. How else are we ever going to see ourselves written and acted properly, if we are not telling our own story? That's one thing I wish the white culture could do better.

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