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In 1902, the Hartley College became the Hartley University College, a degree awarding branch of the University of London.

This was after inspection of the teaching and finances by the University College Grants Committee, and donations from Council members (including William Darwin the then Treasurer).

Opened on 20 June 1914, the site was initially used as a military hospital during World War I.

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The first University of Southampton degrees were awarded on 4 July 1953, following the appointment of the Duke of Wellington as Chancellor of the university.

Student and staff numbers grew throughout the next couple of decades as a response to the Robbins Report.

This included incorporating the University Road, that split the 59-acre (24 ha) campus in two and the quarry of Sir Sidney Kimber's brickyard that itself was split by a stream.

Unable to remove the road and the private houses along it, Spence designed many of the buildings facing away from it, using contemporary designs working in concrete, glass and mosaic.

After lengthy legal challenges to the Bequest, and a public debate as to how best interpret the language of his Will, the Southampton Corporation choose to create the Institute (rather than a more widely accessible college, that some public figures had lobbied for).

On 15 October 1862, the Hartley Institute was opened by the Prime Minister Lord Palmerston in a major civic occasion which exceeded in splendor anything that anyone in the town could remember.

During World War II the university suffered damage in the Southampton Blitz with bombs landing on the campus and its halls of residence.

Six faculties were created: Arts, Science, Engineering, Economics, Education and Law.

An increase in student numbers in the following years motivated fund raising efforts to move the college to greenfield land around Back Lane (now University Road) in the Highfield area of Southampton.

On 20 June 1914, Viscount Haldane opened the new site of the renamed Southampton University College.

However, the outbreak of the First World War six weeks later meant no lectures could take place there, as the buildings were handed over by the college authorities for use as a military hospital.

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