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However, even in these difficult cases, the computer where this work was conducted will contain forensic records of activities—software installed and used, image files accessed, files edited, use of Internet programmes and often detailed timeline of activities which occurred on the computer.

Forensic analysis can detect image edits and updates (morphed images).

The camera, which records an illegal image, also records additional meta-data about the image which describes the technical photographic context when the image was recorded (light levels, indoor/outdoor, lens aperture and duration of exposure), and modern cameras can record GPS, camera model, camera serial number or camera configuration at the time the image was taken.

in addition to a wide variety of computing and mobile devices.

Stored data do not have to be static and can be transferred across international and jurisdictional boundaries on random or regulated schedules or can be divided across many different international storage locations.

It can be stored in many different types of media and with direct, indirect or no network access.

It can be stored in cameras, tv recorders, game players, children’s toys, health monitoring devices, etc.

It identifies the current practical and economic limits on cooperation between industry and state agencies and describes the balance between human rights/data privacy and crime investigation.

It concludes with the challenge of state over-reaching their mandate—when national security becomes political interference in human rights.

Once the image is created, the image will be distributed on the Internet.

It might be first edited, changed or obfuscated using software or hardware to destroy, corrupt or delete digital fingerprints and, in extreme cases, this can be successful.

The image of a modern digital camera is stored in a memory storage device which can also be forensically analysed for digital fingerprints.

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