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Patients are transferred to the ICU to receive an aggressive level of treatment that is not available on other units in a hospital (Treece, 2007).

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Critical Care Unit (CCU) or Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is designed to meet the special needs of acutely and critically ill patients in a hospital setting.

These factors included communicating timely, emotionally supporting families in making decisions, having an advanced directive that provides honor, and having access to the patient before and after death (Liaschenko. Patients often describe how they felt frustrated and alienated by the apparent lack of communication in these settings.

Further, just because patients are unconscious, we can never assume they do not perceive attempts to communicate with them (Usher& Monkley, 2001).

Verbal communication includes not only the language or dialect, but also the voice tone, volume, timing, and one's ability to share thoughts and feelings.

Nonverbal communication may take a form of writing, gestures, body movements, posture, and facial expressions.The nurses who work in critical care units are responsible for providing care to patients who are experiencing or at risk for experiencing life threatening conditions.Patients typically cared for in a critical care unit include patients that have had major invasive surgery, accident and trauma patients, or patients with multiple organ failure.Critical care nurses must be able to interpret, integrate and respond to a wide array of clinical information because of the critical nature of patients' conditions (Kozier, Erb, &Berman, 2008).The critical care nurse cares for patients and the families of patients with acute and unstable physiological problems in an environment equipped for technically advanced methods of assessing and managing patient problems.The ICU staff includes critical care physician, respiratory therapist team, critical care nurses, and advanced practice nurses (APN).

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