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They hear, or imagine they hear, about somebody being “turned into a zombie” or see a film where somebody is turned into a fearless killing machine or something as equally wacky. The irony about it,is that what has allowed them to take those stories “on board” is nothing more than the state which they fear so greatly — hypnosis!

People who think like this have actually been hypnotized by their own fantasy work.

When you have observed it like we have, there will be no doubt whatsoever in your own mind that it exist.

If you have ever been reading, watching TV, or totally engrossed in some other activity, then became gradually aware of somebody saying something like: – that is a form of hypnosis.

If you have ever driven from point A to point B and wondered whatever happened to point “A½” on the way, several minutes after passing it — that is also a form of hypnosis.

Neither are there any flashing lights to let you know you are in hypnosis.

There will not be a point where you suddenly think, “, since a hypnotherapist can only guide you to the depth that you yourself allow.

When you are focusing on something you want to do, your attention will become so avid from time to time, that you will be completely unaware of anything else – unless there has been a real need for your attention to switch to something different.

That is just about the best state of hypnosis you can get! This is sometimes referred to as a state of “selective thinking.” In the state of selective thinking, anything which is not directly connected to the current thought process, and which poses no threat to security or survival, is filtered out of conscious awareness. There is only one thing going on in your mind and only one thing you are aware of.That awareness is there, even in the deepest of hypnotic states, but it exists along with a recognition of complete lack of interest or concern, and it is only then that you begin to recognise your own state of hypnosis.People often wonder what hypnosis feels like, but the truth is, there is no such thing as a hypnotized feeling.The good news is that you do not need to reach a deep state of hypnosis to benefit from our self hypnosis audio recordings.By focusing your mind, you enter hypnosis, especially by accepting the fact that you will probably not feel hypnotized.Talking to one person whilst wondering what is being said in somebody else’s conversation is NOT hypnosis.

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