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In my experience, this is mainly because those people are bored most of the time.

For those of us who have found a purpose in life, our schedules tend to fill up. We can usually squeeze in an hour or two of whatever, if we wish to.

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And the growing I need to do, at the moment, is best done solo. At the same time, if you need to work on you, then work on you. There will be time to fall in love, start a family and spend your lives together.

You shouldn't pass up on love if it knocks on your door. But for now, figure out how to do you the best way you possibly can.

You should only get into a relationship if you've figured out the secret to being happy when you're alone.

For some people, life is has room for endless individuals.

And my married friends tell me that the single season provides far more free time than the married life ever will. Learn to use this season wisely to steward your time, talents, and treasures for God’s glory. This will help remove blind spots, and give you a new perspective on marriage that you would otherwise miss.

Few things in life are better than trusted, wise, mature Christian friends. Your pastor and family members may not know about your pornography, gossip, and addiction problem, but God does.

It's really about having the mental capacity and will to give this person sufficient thought and attention. She deserves better (whomever she is), and she deserves my fullest attention.

Why be in a relationship if you can't make it work? But if I can't love her the way she needs to be loved, then why put the two of us through all of that? If you know you have other things that need to take priority, don't tell yourself — or your lover — otherwise.

Recently, I met this beautiful girl at a tech conference.

She seemed smart, interesting and also happened to be a writer, which is definitely a sign of potential. Even though she was most likely an awesome girl, there was a truth I had to accept: I don't want to date right now. Because if you do it for long enough, it loses its appeal.

I don't want to go through the process of meeting someone new, getting to know them and figuring out how much of them I should let in.

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