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At his funeral, several of his girlfriends showed up and two of them, both pregnant, possibly with his child, got into a fight right after the service. We had the girl who was paid to have a baby - she threw up for most of Junior year and then disappeared. She would wait until the football team's bus came back to the school from away games (she was on the color guard) and go in and give some of the guys blow jobs in the locker room after the team meeting.They moved her into our school district and paid for an apartment. We had the most beautiful girl who looked just like Jasmine Guy. Her mother died when she was in grade school, & her dad was raising her & her younger sister by himself. She got pregnant during her senior year and quit school. She had been friends with some of my friends when they were all younger. The guys that she would blow would make fun of her when she wasn't around. She had wild parties and her panties were reported to have "green stains" in them.

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When my sister started dating the most notorious skinhead in the area and Fiona dropped out, Debbie, or 'bushpig Deb' took over.

I don't know what happened to Fiona or Debbie but my sister is now over 40, single and more or less married to her cat.

She was a homely girl, too, but I guess her reputation as a mattress preceded her because she fucked most of the popular, good-looking athletes. Monika--we were friendly at school, but didnt' hang out after school.

She always had stories to tell that I found fascinating.

I don't know if he attempted to actually fuck Fluffy or if it was a lick-the-peanut butter kind of deal but apparently someone caught him. Just a dirty, filthy bitch and she swore like a sailor. She wasn't even cute, either, but actually downright homely. She screwed guys at the school..boys' locker room was a favorite spot.

We had woods on one side of our school, so she would sneak out of class and screw boys out there.

Even though we lived in the Midwest, she resembled a California girl (tall, thin, huge tits, long blonde hair).

She didn't necessarily fuck a lot of guys at are school (just the hottest one), but she would brag about her exploits with various NFL players and world famous singers. Now we all feel great shame about it, which is a bit ridiculous.

Then she fell in love with a Mexican boy & they went steady, which took her off the market for awhile. To be honest I had a great time, had a LOT of great sex, and taught several of the guys how to things a bit better and had a lot of fun.

It was in the late 70's before AIDS, I didn't hurt anyone and I rarely got hurt.

It was a fact, however, that she had an STD and several of the boys got it.

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