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The company's luck changed with the next ship, the LZ 10 Schwaben.

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They include the "Single Top 100" and the "Album Top 100" chart.

The chart week runs from Friday to Thursday, and the chart compilations are published on Tuesday for the record industry.

LZ 11, LZ 13, and LZ 17 were pressed into service for the German Army.

After the war, however, DELAG's LZ 120 Bodensee and LZ 121 Nordstern helped reconnect the cities of Europe.

The Group operates in some 20 countries on four continents.

Our most important markets are China, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the USA.

On 28 June 1912 Schwaben was destroyed in a hangar fire attributed to static electricity produced by its rubberised cotton gasbags, but was soon replaced by LZ 13 Hansa, which was completed on 30 July.

These airships were also used by the Imperial German Navy for crew training, with the Navy crews operating passenger flights. By July 1914, one month before the start of World War I, DELAG's Zeppelins had transported 34,028 passengers on 1,588 commercial flights; the fleet had flown 172,535 kilometres in 3,176 hours.

LZ 120 flew between Friedrichshafen and Berlin-Staaken with a stopover in Munich, but both ships were surrendered as post-war reparations in 1921: LZ 120 went to Italy and was re-christened "Esperia", while LZ 121 became France's Méditerranée before it ever entered service for DELAG.

In September 1928, DELAG began operating the successful rigid airship LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin, which made regular, nonstop, transatlantic flights possible before airplanes had flight ranges sufficient to cross the ocean in either direction without stopping. Eckener commanded the Graf Zeppelin airship leaving Friedrichshafen, Germany, at on 11 October 1928, arriving at Lakehurst Field, New Jersey, on 15 October.

Our major customers are active in the areas Automotive, Electronics, Fashion & Lifestyle, Industrial and Health Care & Life Science.

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