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This chart, first published in 1965 and revised in 1966, 19, had the steps of the bridge plotted out from a beginner at the bottom to the highest states attainable at the top.

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HCO Bulletin 3 December 1978 One of the governing laws of auditing is that you don’t run unreading items. According to Passas and Castillo, the e-meter was believed to be used to “disclose truth to the individual who is being processed and thus free him spiritually.” Back in 1950, at the very end of his book, Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health, Hubbard talks about a bridge from one plateau of existence to another, higher plateau.

Hubbard wanted to make the processes structured in such a way that one could take a new person and walk them through standardized steps, one after another, to cross this hypothesized "Bridge".

" In the context of Dianetics or Scientology, auditing is an activity where an auditor, trained in the task of communication, listens and gives auditing commands to a subject, who is referred to as a "preclear", or more often as a "pc".

While auditing sessions are confidential, the notes taken by the auditor during auditing sessions, which are kept in the "pc folder(s)", are potentially subject to scrutiny by several staff members, especially if the preclear is later upset or having difficulty. Auditing involves the use of "processes," which are sets of questions asked or directions given by an auditor.

When the specific objective of any one process is achieved, the process is ended and another can then be started.

Through auditing, the subjects are said to free themselves from barriers that inhibit their natural abilities.Later, the E-meter was used to identify which processes should (and could) be run and equally crucially, to determine when to stop running a particular action. In such Scientology publications as Have You Lived Before This Life, Hubbard wrote about past life experiences dating back billions and even trillions of years.As a repair tool, the E-meter reacts to a list of possible difficulties and relevant phrases called out by the auditor, helping to guide the auditor to the difficulty. When various foundations of Dianetics were formed in the 1950s, auditing sessions were a hybrid of confession, counseling and psychotherapy.The Church of Scientology often uses these auditing sessions against people.According to scholar Eric Roux, auditing is one of the “core practices” of Scientology.“Honestly, that’s just how I got through it and how I got to this place and recognized the gift that was given to me: a new friendship. 1 thing in my life is my faith and everything else falls after that, and I just always have been constantly asking for guidance. And I’m so very, very, very grateful.”" data-reactid="28" at Christmas, a spiritual time, and I am proof of those things,” she continues. [Shelton] was just one of the gifts that I was given.

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