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Loss of the data on the VM would be equivalent to breaking into a data center, bypassing the physical security, and stealing a physical server.

– User installed VMs don’t always comply with an organization’s security policy and may not have any security software on them.

Audit logs can also be lost, which would eliminate any record of changes that you may have made on the server.

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Encryption can be used on the host bus adapters used in Fibre channel implementations, but many times it’s not used due to the negative performance issues that occur.

– If the hypervisor is compromised, any attached VMs will also be compromised, and the default configuration on the hypervisor isn’t always the most secure.

– VMs can be created by users without the knowledge of the IT organization.

If these VMs are not noticed, they are not going to be protected.

– Hypervisors can allow VMs to communicate amongst themselves, and this communication won’t even go onto the physical network.

This ends up acting like a private network for the VMs.Any snapshots that were stored that had undetected malware could be reloaded at a future date and cause havoc.– Fibre Channel and i SCSI are clear text protocols and could be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.– The hypervisor controls everything and provides a single point of failure in the virtual environment.A single breach can put the whole environment in jeopardy.Sniffing tools could be used to read or record storage traffic and this could be used to do some re-assembly in the future at the attacker’s convenience.

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