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Symantec Antivirus 10.1 client Windows server 2003 (SP1) I get the following error in Event Viewer: The Symantec eraser control driver service failed to start due to the following error: The specified service does not exist.

I've tried searching the web but I have not foundanything useful. I had already uninstalled and re-installed SAV before I posted this issue.

Solution: This hot fix ensures that the Office Scan server sends an SQL Database Unavailable Alert when the SQL connection fails.

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Before we delve any further, its time to check your DNS setup, ensure that DNSAdmin’s have full control over the entire DNS infrastructure, by going to properties and security tab on each DNS server.

Also ensure that reverse lookups are in place, and that permissions are correct on these too.

Solution: This hot fix ensures that DLP of Office Scan agent does not block the "USB LAN adapter" when the device control function for "wireless adapter" is enabled.

(319548 EN_Hotfix_1829.1) Issue: Sometimes, the Trend Micro TDI (TMTDI) driver, which provides network traffic monitoring for the Web Reputation Server of Office Scan agents, may trigger performance issues on computers running on Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM) Server platforms.

Next job is to run DNSCMD /info in a command prompt.

The bit you are interested in here is the Listen Addresses, the image above is from a site where I have corrected this issue already.(312801 EN_Hotfix_1635) Issue: Before an Office Scan agent runs an on-demand scan, it first checks the on-demand scan cache for files to exclude from the scan to reduce scanning time.Sometimes, on-demand scans take a long time to complete because some files may be scanned redundantly when the on-demand scan cache does not work properly.While you are on this tab, its worth setting the conflict resolution attempts to 3 or 4 which gives DHCP the opportunity to resolve any issues itself.Once you have these credentials set, restart your DHCP server service.Solution: This hot fix resolves this issue so that Scheduled Update is performed on Office Scan agents not connected to an Office Scan server during startup.

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