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Printed catalogs and Lists of Prices Realized are available from Don 'Bus' Haury - 7913 SW 24th, Halstead, KS, 67056 - 316-283-5876 or 316-284-7345 - Email [email protected]

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PEACE WITH GOD Romans 5:1, ''Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ'' When a person embraces Jesus Christ in repentant faith, the sinless Son of..Steve Jones DESCRIPTION: Funeral for a godly man based on the life of Abraham. That means that I..Roger Thomas The other day I had a conversation with a family about death and dying.

Preachers probably have those kinds of discussions more often than most people.

Pat 2-16-1917 by Wilbur Upson of Mansfield, Ohio and mfg by the Shelby Specialty Co, Shelby, Ohio.

27, 83 - - 11.75" rack type qk adj with a lever for applying additional tightening pressure. GORDON AUTOMATIC PAT'D USA - - 7.25" qk adj nut wrench with rack teeth and spring loaded lower jaw. Unmarked - - 9" qk adj comb nut and pipe wrench with rack teeth and a geared screw on a lever that releases the screw for quick adjusting or to remove and reverse the lower jaw assembly for pipe or nut use. Unmarked (Crosby Rapid Transit)- - 8" wood handled qk adj nut wrench with teeth on both edges of shank that disengage by turning hex nut on shank. Marked only PAT AP'L - - 9" unusual quick adj nut wrench pat 9-3-1907 by Max Schwendner of Reading, PA (S544, C276) 0016.

WRENCH - PAT'D MAY 2,1915, JUL 2, 1918, MAR 17, 1922.

SEATTLE - - 8.75" lever qk adjust with rack teeth..

by Christopher Harbin Rachel Ranson: Example and Witness - I did not have the privilege of knowing Rachel prior to the onset of Alzheimer's.

Having only been here for one Rachel's final year of life on earth, I did not have the experience..Brian Fletcher In this guide you will find a sample outlines, homilies and helpful notes for performing a funeral service as well as a graveside service.

Pat by Axel Peterson and mfg by the Peterson Rapid Wrench Co., San Francisco, CA.

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