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The major disadvantages of the waiting model are long waiting time and blocked traffic when the number of taxis in the queue is higher than the capacity of the waiting area.It is vital to demarcate a fixed point of the waiting model to a larger area for reducing the waiting time and blocked traffic.Numerous applications use vehicle-to-vehicle [1], vehicle-to-sensor [2], and vehicle-to-infrastructure [3] communications in Io V, such as traffic event alarms, advertisement broadcasting, and entertainment services.

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Taxi plays a crucial role in the transportation system because of the characteristic that can be hailed conveniently.

The proposed system allows drivers to both hunt on the road and wait in a queuing zone.

A queuing table is used in the control center and neighbor tables are used in RSUs for zone queuing establishment.

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Coverage parameters, vehicle’s location area and its movement, are the main considerations that can cause the ping-pong effect.

Furthermore, the hunting model is more favorable than the waiting model in terms of average number of customers and vacancy rate because drivers actively hunt for customers on the street.

Most of the taxi drivers obtain passengers by hunting on the road or waiting in a fixed taxi queuing point; however these methods have poor performance, high vacancy rate, and several critical problems such as air pollution and foul up traffic.

This study proposed a taxi carrying management system by using location based services and zone queuing techniques on Internet of things.

The characteristics of Io V help taxi drivers to easily hail customers and reduce the vacancy rate.

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